Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits!

                   ~   Happy Fat Tuesday!~
FYI..Just in case you didn't know, Mardi Gras season begins on January 6th, the Twelfth Night, Epiphany or Kings Day and ends on Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of the 40-day (not counting the 6 Sundays) season of Lent (or 46 days before Easter).

So sorry for not Posting yesterday..
Hope everyone enjoyed the three-day weekend.. Ours was spent preparing for and having done,a medical procedure..
I know everyone was waiting with baited breath for the solution/explanation to my puzzle of last week..
the comments were quite comical and far reaching..I did try to respond as they were posted..
without further ado..
1..The white Doctor coat.. represents my husband the physician. He was a Flight Surgeon in the Navy when we first met eons ago.. in Pensacola!
2..The paintbrush..obviously some painting either being or to be done..
3..Sugary white sands and turquoise waters..represents my native home.. Pensacola Florida..
4..Beachy message..someone wishes we were there..
5..Denver..snowy skyline.. our current home..
6..Bunny..Easter Bunny.. Easter this year April 8,2012 
Now.. for The REST of the story..

My hubby, Dr B.. has been on oxygen 24/7 since March 2008 as a direct result of a catastrophic illness.  During recent extended trips home to Florida, we discovered he was able to function normally without the additional required oxygen needed here in high altitude Denver, Colorado!  He does sleep with his C-pap machine  at night ensuring he is fully oxygenated  upon waking. While in Florida, his oxygen saturation levels were constantly monitored, maintaining  92% or higher! After much discussion with his doctor and medical team, he was given the okay /advice that quality of life for him would be better at sea level...
So the quest began to make that dream for him become a reality..In January  we received a call of an opening at the new VA Clinic in Pensacola, FL! 
(This was one of the places we visited to inquire about possible job openings/availability.) 
The time frame for submitting all documentation was exactly one week!  Many nights were spent  filling out and submitting forms online after having scanned the supporting documents. I joking laughed about  this redundancy as every page seemed to have a message regarding the Paperwork Reduction Act !
Finally, the phone call came that he was one  of 30 applicants. We talked it over at home as well as prayed for the answer to be US!.. more phone calls daily, more requests for additional information followed by restless nights.  At last, the results were in! We were the winners..Now how soon could we be there? First, he had to submit his notice to current employer who was not the least bit empathetic even tho he was totally aware of the medical necessity for the transfer. 
Reporting date in Pensacola will be April 8, 2012, which also happens to be Easter Sunday... hence the  bunny!
Now I am madly scampering, making lists for everything, trying to secure a painter to get the house ready to put on the market! and de-cluttering!  
This is far from  the moving experiences  I've had (enjoyed) in the past where I'm given a date, packers appear, then Movers come and load the truck and I watch my life reduced to mere boxed possessions which hopefully will be greeting me at the destination. 
Gosh.. so many decisions to be made..bottom line..it all revolves around the almighty dollar.. which at present, we possess very little!
Then comes the guilt..as his patients get word he is leaving, they all have stated in one way or another that this move is all my fault..taking him away from them who have enjoyed both Dr B and his dad, Dr Sr. as their primary physicians for  30+ years..
The children.. both kids are very supportive of this move and are viewing it as  A DESTINATION for them to visit in FLORIDA.. they're already planning a joint invasion  umm uh VISIT for the fall..using us as a stepping stone on their quest for the ultimate destination: DISNEY!!!
The grands.. we will miss them, terribly,especially the newest Brax. but with communication via internet, that should not present too much of a problem.. We do plan to return to Denver at least twice a year for visits with the family. While here , he will be evaluated  by  his doctors.
Of course, I'll have my trusty Nikon at the ready for anything and everything in my line of vision..and in my heart!
Now.. you know as much as I do!.

 Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

Cj LoCicero  courtesyDestinlog.com


  1. This sounds like a really positive thing for you hubby. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers that all goes well.

  2. OH>MY>GAWD!!!!! yay! yay! yay!! You must be totally jumping for joy!! I can always tell the happiness in your words when you take your trips south. It will work out...even tho at this point, it probably seems like a tough journey. But he will be able to breathe again!!!! And I've gotta say that, at our age, feeling good and living life to the fullest is the most important thing. You can do this! Your loved ones will help! Your friends will help! and when all is said and done, you'll look back and wonder why you even questioned the move!! Humidity is GOOD!!
    (not to mention that I got to destin every yr...going in two weeks!...and I might get to meet ya!!)

  3. Oh, that's great! Do you have a Pensacola location in mind? The beach maybe?

  4. This is great news! Your hubby will have improved health, and you will keep your fins wet! Congrats on the upcoming move, and welcome home!

  5. How exciting for y'all to embark on a new adventure. I understand Skype is an excellent way to keep in touch with family :-)

  6. Oh, you must have so many emotions running through you right now! Leaving your home of so many years, your kids and the grands! But, you are also going home to the ocean and your hubby's health will be better! The ups and downs of life. Maybe your kids will want to move to FL after they've visited a few times! Good luck with all of the moving stuff - it's a whole lotta work!


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