Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday..Brax and a puzzle

Hope you had/enjoyed a wonderful Valentines Day!

First things first!
Back by popular request..
ta da..drum roll please! one month and two pounds more..
really looking  alert and ready for anything!
(this was a forwarded cell phone photo so is not the best!)
Look at those feet!
I forgot to ask Mommy if he could wear his tiny sneakers yet..♥ 
he is just so adorable!!!

                                                       ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥     ♥
The next series of photos represent a puzzle..
well, rather the parts of a puzzle..
I'm wondering..
if any of you would like to attempt solving it?
I could  do a first ever?
I have several items in mind..
what do you ,dear friends, think of this idea?
let me know....
let the guessing commence!
Just leave me a comment with your answer..
The answer will appear  on Monday's post..

Joining  these Wednesday parties..
see you there!!!

White Wednesday
Outdoor Wednesday
Watery Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday


  1. Big feet, he's going to be a tall fellow when he grows uo!

    1. his Grandpa B is 6'6"!
      tallness runs on the paternal side of the family..

  2. Replies
    1. I agree Cindy..
      he is just adorable!
      and so cuddly!!

  3. Brax cannot possibly be one month old already? What a doll he is!

    I am horrible at puzzles. But I'll take a guess - something white in every photo?

    1. yes! one month!
      Yes!! such a doll!!
      I had not even noticed that aspect of the puzzle!
      not even close!
      were the clues too disjointed?

  4. OH, he's so cute and sweet! I know you could just eat him up with a spoon!

    the puzzle.....the doctor told you to get rid of stress so you tried painting...then decided photography was for you and you love the beach. You decided to take a trip to the beach, but was then diverted to the big city to rescue a rabbit! :)

    1. Nancy..
      I LOVE the humor in your answer!!
      you really made me smile!
      but nowhere close!!
      Maybe I'll post another clue?

  5. Loui~ my fav mermaid... What in the world!! My brain is spinning... so we have a doctor...and a rabbit= WHITE. paintbrush and beach.... ? Did the doc tell you, you need warmer weather.. and are tired of the cold.. or is someone prego in Florida... and it's a boy...( after all what do they say about rabbits or bunnies and sex? sorry...
    I am just grasping at straws!!
    Cricket @ GYpsea

  6. Cat~
    I'm laughing like a lunatic..
    the felines are looking at me sleepily..
    wondering what is wrong with mama??
    Maybe i should either post better clues..
    or simply spill it!
    maybe tomorrow..

  7. happy to visit here
    from Turkey

  8. You're going to the beach for Easter???
    What a cute little baby. Since I'm new to your blog, but I read the other comments - you must be his grandma?

  9. I have no idea but it sounds intriguing! That bunny is so cute.
    And your grandson is adorable, but you know that!

  10. Beautiful photos!

    Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by:)


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