Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday.. again..

I feel like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland..
dashing hither and yon..loudly proclaiming.. 

I'm late! I'm late!!! for an important date!
Have had another full eventful week..
*Dermatologist: stitches removed from the skin cancer site.
  pronounced free and clear of SC..healing nicely 
*Retina appointment: basically, no detachment.loosening of vitreous section behind the retina.. making the detachment a possibility. the floaters..some of the leaking stuff.. all to be lived with until actual detachment occurs.. then can be fixed with a laser procedure in the office.. makes me almost want to say go ahead and happen so we can get it fixed and move on!
drives me buggy.. makes me feel like I'm looking and seeing cross-eyed!
*Hubby has his own issues..well other than missing all the comforts of me, the felines, who "obviously" are  missing him also... 
the kids, the Grands..
He is having to learn a new electronic medical computer system..he was sufficiently comfortable with the terribly impatient..but is finding each new day better than the previous.(that's called Making Progress!) 
Today he was was ecstatic when he called..his new Dr.Coats arrived.. all 5 of them.. monogrammed with his name! 
told Suggested that he have one of his co-workers with
a smart phone photograph him and email it to me..
we'll see. 
Why is this all such a big deal?
He worked long and hard at becoming a Doctor...
is proud of being one, and prefers to look professional. 
At his previous job, everyone dressed in street clothes. (which was not to his liking for many reasons)..
He has worn his coat all these years  until the last job..
Again, he is proudly wearing the uniform of his profession.

He attended the wedding of my niece this past weekend..
told me she was a beautiful bride.. yes! totally correct!

Beautiful ..that she definitely was!  congrats S♥ & J♥!
okay.. now to the fun stuff..I've been out and about on several occasions .. with the Nikon..Spring is just so beautiful here in Denver..gonna miss the beauty of this season so much!!

Taken early this morning! love the dappled  sunlight!

Can you believe I labeled this as Lily Tulipzer when saving?
I thought it to be the perfect title..
And this one..Forget Me Not Tulips.
For my Watery about this:
Rained in torrents.with hail.. and even lightning..

Now.. for a shot of the coast..taken yesterday afternoon by Margo..Note the RED flag flying.. dangerous surf.. muggy day..rainy stormy night..

Washed masses of seaweed ashore..will be gone in a day or so..

Ready to join the fun at these Wonderful Wednesday Parties..C'mon! Let's go!!

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  1. Helllo. I found your blot by visiting Karen at The Essential. Beachcomber. Your photos are amazing. AMAZING!!! I am happily your newest follower. I love all things Florida and I am pleased to make your acquaintance

  2. Thanks for your words of encourage and advice. Oh, and I love mermaids too btw. They and fairies are my favorite mystical creatures. And I love pictures and Florida and shells and travelling (mostly to Florida if I have my way :) and looking at blogs!! Grateful for your kind words. Hope you have a great rest of the week.

  3. Loui, hope you don't mind...You've been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. Come check out my April 19th post for all the details. I think your photography is amazing and of course we share a passion for Florida!

  4. Lots of stuff going on in your world. I know you'll be so glad to get down here in the south to stay! Hubby looks great in his official doctor coat! :)

  5. This is a great posting I have read. I like your article. Thank you


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