Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hello friends~
seems like ages have passed since I last posted..
and it definitely has been awhile..
where shall I begin..
at the beginning of course..

and that will start closer to currently which is really at or near the ending..
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Hubby is in Pensacola, Florida. after a 3 day drive across country...
topics we discussed:
*was amazed  at seeing the Gulf of Mexico again..
From this.. ^ too this:

this was a first of seeing the coastline  so heavily devastated by newly constructed highways, homes and businesses..
*missed the destructive tornadoes of Dallas by a few hours..
*attended orientation, day 2.
*his FREQUENT phone calls speak volumes..
*he is HAPPY..
*Happy to be at a job where the stress level is almost non-existent!

*A job which has regular hours, no nights or weekends being on call.
*No Hospital or nursing Home Rounds..
*A chain of command for airing of grievances..

*Happy to be able to take a break outside watching the Blue Angels practicing their Air Show routines..remembering when he too was with the Blues as their Flight Surgeon!

*He is MOST happy being un-tethered from the supplemental oxygen which has been for him a way of life since March 20, 2008..
he is not happy being so far away from me, the felines, and the kids and Grands..

Here at home, things are progressing slowly..
*painting has been delayed..
*packing is pretty much on track..
*having trouble securing a rental in Florida..
most folks do not like  leases of under a year..
especially when pets are involved..
I/we prefer not to be tied into a year long lease as we plan to purchase a new home before the end of the year..One has to think along the lines of  "FOR TAX PURPOSES" ! that will be our way of recouping the expenses of relocation..and the selling of this house. We do have a Realtor there looking for us..  also have one here, waiting in the wings ready to hang the For Sale sign..

*Spring has /is arriving in pretty, this favorite season of mine..haven't had too many opportunities to be out with the Nikon..
so I just created a few!! and had a ball..

will post a few.. which I had so much fun framing..

tell me what you think..okay?
am joining these fun parties..

White Wednesday
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  1. Great images! Happy Wednesday! :)

  2. So happy to hear from you! Things will move along, it just may take a little time. The flower photos are gorgeous, as is Braxtons smile! It melts my heart!

  3. Oh, my goodness! Those pictures are breathtaking! So glad hubby is happy in Pensacola. One of my favorite things there (besides my sister) is the Blue Angels! I love seeing them fly.

    I hope you find something soon! House hunting and selling and buying is super stressful!

  4. Oh he is adorable. I like the first photo he seems like teasing us. ^_^

    Wordless Wednesday

  5. So things are getting better, I love that good news for you and your family, but I bet you miss him.

    Wishing you a smooth move, and lot's of sun.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. Loui, what amazing pictures!
    Wow -- nice work. I am awed by people who take such good images, as I'm pretty much all thumbs with a camera and if I get a decent shot, it's pretty much by accident!

    How did the visit with the retina guy go?
    I've been wondering....

  7. Wow Loui....your moving from Denver to Pensacola? I say Pensacola because I know that is where the Blue Angels do their air shows! lol I am in Alabama and LOVE Florida...the beaches are the closest to Heaven that I can get on this earth...we usually go to Panama City Beach but my husband and I had talked about going to Pensacola in July so we can be there for the Blue Angels air show! Glad to hear everything is moving in a good direction for you! You are going from snow and sun and!

    Have a great week!

    Lou Cinda :)


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