Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday's Mermaids...

I recently saw this cover photo of a book somewhere..
was immediately struck by the Name..a
nd the colors..

said to self, "that's  a perfect Monday post..
would cover most of the parties  I attend that day!"
Of course, being me, with the inquiring mind...

I began the search to appease voraciously hungry mind!
when I Googled,  Margot Datz,  
I found all of this:

The landlocked mermaid is a symbol of the contemporary woman, 
trapped in a paradoxical dilemma of being part worldly and domesticated, 
part untamable and intuitive. 
Margot Datz - Waiting for her ship to come in
In A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids
artist Margot Datz sees the she-nymph within, struggling to emerge, 
and in a swirl of whimsical and witty wisdom,
 lovingly offers tips for today's world of dating, mating, and beyond.
A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids
Margot's beautifully painted, contemporary mermaids..
 are caught in the nets of their own comical dilemmas, 
circling the heart's fishbowl of romantic longings..

 and in the murky depths of deep emotion.
Margot Datz - Something About Him Made Her Want to Be Naughty
Whether it's the value of cultivating an inner water garden..
 or coping with crow's feet and fish tails, 
Margot offers advice and an enchanting way of hydrating your weary mermaid soul.
Coy, sweetly mischievous, and a pinch sagacious, 
this is a book that, like a good glass of wine, 
can be enjoyed multiple times, sipped on, or downed in one reading.
Don't leave home without your Mermaid Purse!"
Margot Datz is a self-taught painter, 

sculptor, interior designer and prolific writer

whose imagery and beautifully crafted metaphors whisk those
who read her words away, almost immediately
Margot Datz - When the moon was full, she felt the tug of the tides
As a woman who lives by the sea and spends her life creating genius pieces of art,
including a spectacular eighty-five-foot mural 
and bas-relief installation for the  Arkansas Children’s Hospital 
and illustrations for four children’s books for friend Carly Simon, 
her talent is apparent and defined in her book,
 A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids
.Margot Datz - Reflections
Her book, while it may first look like a typical children’s book,
 is filled with the wisdom a woman learns through years of life experience. 
Margot Datz - Girlfriends
She advises that in order to even think about a man in your life, 
you must first not only accept, but truly love yourself, faults and all. 
She also goes through the types and behaviors of men and reminds
 us all that love is a luxury to have in one's life. 
While Datz advises us women on all of life’s little setbacks and luxuries, 
she also reminds us that it’s important to also focus on the fun stuff,
like accessories and sexy lingerie that makes a woman feel her absolute best ..
and it’s always important to be a little naughty. 
"There is a splendor in being true to yourself...

 If you hide your authentic self from the rest of the world, a 
unique life will pass you by...
So head up, chest out, tail fanned... 
Dare to bare your heart and and soul... and be true to yourself."
 - Margot Datz 

"I cannot understand my obsession for SHOES!"
"...surely woman rose from the frothy sea,
 as resplendent as Aphrodite on her scalloped chariot." 
— Margot Datz (A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids)

Pictured above is one of the illustration found on Margot's website, that goes with the following message.
No Dredding of Shedding
Mermaids are psychologically complex. 
They are part conscious,part unconscious. 
Sometimes the underwater part of them sheds old habits and perceptions, 
making way for transformation.
 It's a deep blue process that starts from within - 
one that can't always be explained, even to those we love. 
But a mermaid trusts life and its mysteries and survives sea changes.

Margot Datz - How She Spent the Long Cold Winter

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and with all said and done..I'm in the partying mood with these wonderful folks!

Blue Monday

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  1. I don't like the fisherman spanking our pretty mermaid, but it isn't depicting real life, is it? Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Loui.

  2. Wow! I've never seen so many mermaids in all my life!!! Do they make you want to jump in the water and swim away?
    ♥ Dy

  3. As soon as I saw the title, I knew it was a perfect fit for you, Loui! Beautiful wisdom and art. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I really enjoyed this post Loui. It was really fun!

  5. Gorgeous! Happy blue Monday and a great week ahead!

    My BLUE, your comment will be much appreciated. Thank you!

  6. Lovely! I would love to find this book. I love her art, it so whimsical and imaginative. Thanks for sharing!

  7. synchronicity is an amazing thing.....mermaids are all of that.....and a wonderful metaphor....


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