Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday ..Margo's Awesome Adventure

Just had to share...
from my delightful friend /sister Margo...

"...and I went on an early morning adventure.
My main mission was to go get a sunrise photo, rain or shine or whatever....and got there just in time for a beauty!
It was a big red sun ball..
and my little camera does not even do any justice to it.
I had never before noticed that the Mid-Bay Bridge..
is visible from this side of Choctawhatchee Bay...
it must be at least 10-12 miles away from the old bench here.
Then I went down underneath the Brooks Bridge downtown Fort Walton Beach...only one homeless guy was there this morning.

Driving back home I passed by Uptown Station on Eglin Pkwy and noticed an electronic ad for coffee and bake shop; so, pulled into the shopping center and found myself a nice new place to have really wonderful coffee and freshly made blueberry scones. I was delighted!
They (retired military couple) roast and grind their own beans and bake all the pastries and make the sandwiches.The scones were excellent and I also bought some of her freshly made chicken salad, a croissant, some red grapes for my lunch later on today. The coffee I had was an Alta Mogiana blend from Brazil...luscious!

They make fresh cups of tea for real tea tea bags!!
The place is called COFFEE GROUNZ. They were very nice to me...I'll be back!

Thanks to my awesome friend Margo who allowed me to use her personal PERFECT letter for my post today..
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  1. What a great letter. Unfortunately, a bunch of the photos aren't showing up. I hope you are good at fixing glitches (I'm not, so this kind of thing always frustrates me.)

  2. She looks like she is having a ball, what a fun day.



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