Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gray and Gloomy..

Is not always bad..
I am thankful for the  wonderful April rain which fell softly throughout the nite.
Having NOT yet turned on the sprinkler system, the freshly first mowed lawn welcomed the moisture.
Colorado soil requires aeration,and the little holes are like cups for the raindrops..
the lawn sips at its' leisure...nourishing thirsty roots starved by winters cold...
The newly planted roses also are enjoying the soaking rain,.while the older established roses are putting forth new leaves and promises of beautiful blooms..
the crabapple tree, so full of buds is ready to burst open as soon as Sol  warms their fancy..
but mostly, I am so thankful for the April rains..
for washing away all the pollen..
and relieving my itchy eyes..and sniffly nose!!
but when outdoors is all dark and gloomy,
I have ample opportunity for indoorsy stuff..
like clearing closets, preparing donations and recyclables..
sometimes I use this time for me..
doing the things I really like best..
editing my photos..
scanning old photographs from times gone by..
remembering  those who are no longer here with us..
preparing memory books/cds for siblings and nieces and nephews..
I am the keeper of the stories in my family..
the one who has all the old photos..
the one with more "time on her hands" than the others..
the one who lives fartherest away..
Me in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado..
they in beach cities along the Florida panhandle..
It's hard being away from family and native!
always have been..but I'm the one who always wrote home the most..
tried to share everything about my abode wherever Uncle Sugar plopped us..
so.. on these gray days, I've nothing but warm and cheery thoughts to keep me company..
as I busily go about my "tasks"..
with my constant company..
my furbabies are underfoot,  or asleep wherever they plopped after playing..

so.. yes I am thankful for April rains....
for all the right  reasons..
a time for recalling beautiful memories of the past..
and anticipation for  glorious blooms of May yet to be..
 Warmest hugs..Laughing smiles..


  1. I'm here!
    Your cats are adorable!!! I laughed out loud at "Cat Ballou!" Hahahaha... great name!
    I admit a weakness for the orange calico; now that IS the classic house cat! Just beautiful, all of them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. We got some pretty crazy rain it is looking pretty green.

    Your kitty pages are just adorable.



  3. I love rainy days too. I'm just hoping there will be NO RAIN in May for the wedding!

    Loved seeing your photos.


  4. Wonderful post!

    It's raining here in northeast Missouri today. We worked in the yard all week, hoping to have everything in, before the predicted rain.

    I'm enjoying this rainy day catching up with blog visits!

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Hi Loui,
    I've moved around quiet a bit, but Colorado will always be my home. I've learned to "bloom where I'm planted", but I miss my friends and family.
    Have a nice weekend and give your cats a scratch behind the ears for me!

  6. Oh my goodness, look at your sweet babies, such darling faces. I bet you get loads of kisses. I love cats as well. Even on your gloomy days its still beautiful.
    I have a stepson in Denver, hoping one day they can move back to Ga.

    Brrrrr, I see its cold there, Come back to the south where its in the 70's.

    Have a blessed day


welcome to my world of salty sunkissed breezes..
where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...