Sunday, April 18, 2010

A-Z Foodie Monday

Mullet..and Mussels
Is for Mouthwatering deliciousness!
I know.. that is a Loui♥ word..
I conjured it up in a blonde moment..
a perfect description  of me enjoying a favorite seafood delicacy!
Don't get me wrong..
this Southern gal was raised on seafood..
My Daddy was famous for his  Mullet Fish Fry.
That man could COOK!
This was an EVENT of the greatest magnitude..
Word spread like cell phones or internet back then..
Folks would come from miles around to savor his crispy, golden fried mullet.
Crispy on the outside, flaky on the inside,
served piping hot with French fries,Cole slaw, and his Hushpuppies!
My mouth is watering right now at the thought!
A slice  of sweet onion, lemon and a bottle of ketchup made it all complete.
(some folks enjoy a side of grits with theirs..but not me!)
An ice cold beverage of choice to wash it all down..
and if there was any room left , he always made Lemon Meringue pie..
Since my dad is no longer with us, when I visit  family in Florida,
I have a favorite place for fried mullet..
...Hunt's Oyster Bar..
the coldest beverages..piping hot fish..and cold oysters on the half shell..
and the friendlist staff..all family owned and operated.
Rick shucking for the camera..
My sis and I after a delightful dinner..
M.. is also for another favorite seafood I adore..
Mussels..which  I only learned to eat while living in Spain..
so simple to prepare..but oh so tasty!
Mussels are washed, debearded, and any cracked or open shells are discarded.
A mixture of chopped onions, garlic, parsley  is sauteed in butter  in a dutch oven
White wine and lemons are tossed into the pot, then the mussels are steamed for 5 minutes.
(any shells not opened are immediately discarded.!)
serve with white wine, crusty French bread for dipping into the sauce!
Now mosey on over to Jen's Unglazed for moreMmmmm.. Mouthwatering foods...


  1. Nice post, Lou! I could go for the fish but not the mussels or oysters!!!
    Hope you have a great new week!!!

  2. Wow, I'm starving now. Love the yummy looking of your seafood presentation. Love eating mullet and same as mussels...I'm like dribbling here lol

    I'm following you now, if you can to me pls,TY

  3. What an informative post! I'm not a mussel person, but my dad was, and you just brought back a ton of good memories along the shore!

    I will take a piece of that lemon Meringue pie!!!

  4. What a delicious post!

    I enjoyed seeing the photo of you and your sis.

  5. The mullet looks delish. That oyster bar looks like a place I'd like.

    The mussels look as good as mine over in Maryland.

    Hope you had a good Monday.

  6. Loui
    You won my Giveaway... ~!
    Please write me at
    so i can get your address to send your gifts..


  7. That mullet dinner looks much more appealing than the haircut with the same name! I have had mussels but I am not a huge fan - once in a while is good though.


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