Sunday, April 25, 2010

A-Z Foodie Monday

Nope..not noodles,
nor Nuts,
nor Nougat
None of those
N.. is for Nachos!
I love Nachos..
especially Ultimate Nachos..
used to devour those at Bennigan's..
Haven't been there in years..
but in my mind..
they were the VERY best..
yummy ULTIMATE!..
I like my Nachos with beef or chicken..
some like  shrimp tossed in..
but the basic recipe seems to be:
start with a bed of shredded lettuce,
pile on chopped tomatoes,
refried beans mixed with chili sauce,
chopped black olives,
sour creme,
chopped or sliced Jalapenos
spread salsa generously over the pile,
toss on freshly chopped purple  and green onions,
next ,cover with shredded Cheddar and Monterray Jack cheeses..
and for the crowning touch..
dig in with tortilla chips..
wash down with icy cold Corona or Margarita!

best enjoyed with a family or group..
now ..let's go visit Jen at Unglazed for more N foods..


  1. Yes to all ! i love nachos, red onions, guacamole, tortillas, and chile of course...oh you make me hungry..
    Thank you for your very nice visit and hope you'll have more opportunities to stay in Spain in the future..
    Have a great sunday..

  2. Yum...Yum....
    I love nachos...but they don't love my

  3. Happy Monday Loui!
    wow you really know how to do a nacho up!

  4. Oh man, nachos!! How could I have forgotten that other food group?? Those photos are scrumptious. Maybe I'll go to Jalapenos for lunch today while the pooches get their hairs cut. Hellooooo more poundage!

    Happy A-Z Monday Loui!!

  5. Nachos! Good choice! I could go for a big helping of those, well, just about any time!

  6. Nachos! Great choice for letter "N." I like mine with chicken or beef. Yummy looking pictures. Happy Monday to you, Loui! :-)


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