Saturday, October 30, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

My Daughter Lisa recently participated in a walk for Breast Cancer Awareness;
Nashville's Race for the Cure. Una Survivors Team..
this was the "before the start" photo..
That's Lisa, front and center, just behind her daughter Mac kneeling, holding canine child Lily..
of course, Lisa being Lisa,posed at each mile marker..
with her bottle of energy giving Coca Cola..
notice each in the final photo..

both are totally DRAINED!!!!
good job!
Just because October is over..
and the race has been run..
the fight is far from being won..
continue to do YOUR part..
daily self exams..

yearly mammograms..

and educate yourself..
listen to your body..
listen to your doctor..
and use your Google to keep updated regarding the latest advances being made!
as well as participate..

do your part to Find the cure..

to finally  eradicate this horrible disease! 

Now go forth..enjoy your weekend!


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