Sunday, April 10, 2011

an awakening..

While attending a funeral yesterday for the Mother of a dear friend,
I found myself thinking and reflecting..
This dear lady lived for 98 years..
LIVED in the true sense of the word..
She married the love of her life..
had an only child..
came to Denver  in 1949..
at that time, she joined her church.
as she had been brought up to do...
became a part of the inner workings of her church..
while following the steps set forth by her God.
Her biological family became a part of her church family..
and vice versa...
Many who spoke of this lady recalled her always being at the church..
for whatever the reason.. 
or season.
she truly lived her life ..
by giving of herself..
and in the end..
her living of life as set forth in the Bible..
became a tribute for her success..
as a mother, sister , daughter , grandmother..
friend to one and all..
and in the end..
as I paid my respects to this dear lady....
my Lord reached out and touched me..
through the music,
the messages..
he eased my  aching heart..
and replaced it with that which had been missing.. 
the light to guide my path..
On Earth As It Is In Heaven


  1. Hi Loui,
    What a precious testimony of the love of God.
    Funerals have a way of really making us think about life, and what is really important. I truly
    believe the most important thing God want from us, is having a true and intimate relationship with Him, and everything else will flow out of that!
    He wants us to know Him.....How awesome that God
    loves us so much and wants to be in relationship with Him!
    So sorry to hear about your friend's Mother, she sounds like a wonderful and Godly lady, so I am sure she is strolling about Heaven and getting to know her Lord even more now. What a joy to know that we and those we love can know Jesus and when we pass from this world into the next, we will indeed see each other again. What a great salvation He gives!!
    Thanks for sharing your heart, it was beautiful,
    Blessings and Prayers, Nellie (The Pensacola Girl)

  2. What a thoughtful and beautiful post my sweet friend.


  3. So sweet, Loui, to hear you speak like this and I'm so glad you were blessed with such a beautiful sunset end to the day. Dying is a natural transition to life beyond. Living is preparing to do it.

  4. What a beautifully written post! I'm so sorry for the loss of this special lady.


  5. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  6. Hi Loui!

    What beautiful words and a gorgeous photo...

    (ps: you won the watch giveaway on BB&B)

  7. What a wonderful testimony for this dear lady! I'm sure God said "well done, my good and faithful servant" when she went to be with Him. God reaches us in so many different ways. He is so good!

  8. I am so sorry about your friends mother. Your words were beautiful and from the heart and I am glad that God opened up a light for you, the picture is just beautiful. :)

  9. Loui this such a beautiful testiment for such a lovely lady and and our precious God who is Good.
    You have actually helped me this morning and I can not tell you how much that means to me.
    Thanks honey and have a wonderful weekend

  10. 98 years seems like such a long time, but our lives are so fleeting. Sounds like this woman was an inspiration to all who knew her, and that she handed out as many lifejackets as she could to a lost and dying world. We have a wonderful maker!

  11. That was a beautiful post. And that picture is STUNNING!


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