Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Celebration Giveaway

My friend and fellow Coloradoian  Noreen has reached a milestone!
In achieving that goal, she is celebrating with a giveaway!

Here is NanaNor from Life Blessings with all the details
"Good Morning Friends;
Oh what a great day it is here in Colorado! 

Firstly, it is just great to be alive and secondly I love summer. 
Over a month ago, I mentioned that I was drawing close to my 1,000 post ..
 would be having a giveaway.  
Today is my 1,000 post!
Who would have thought I'd get hooked by the blogging bug?
And find a creative outlet for my love of writing ...
as well as finding a whole new group of friends-some international as well! 

 It truly amazes me of how quickly the years have flown by,..
how much I've learned from you all and how much fun I have here.  

Initially, I started out just blogging for family members(especially our grands)..
so that they would have a  journal of sorts as they grew older...
while getting to know hubby and me.  
It has grown into a blog of  many loves-, 
my family, our dogs past and now our sweet Hunter, 
my quilting, my exercise and my faith.  

I found these earings at a local antique  store.
No they are not antiques;
They are pretty and two sided-which is why they don't match.
 I wanted you to see both sides. 
I believe the wires are sterling silver so shouldn't bother you if you have allergies to nickle.
Please visit  my blog
for details on how to enter.
This drawing will be open until midnight Sunday, July 15th.

I will draw the winning  name on Monday and send them off to you that same afternoon!

You are the best and I am so blessed to have gotten to know each of you, even though it is in cyberspace. 
Joy to you~Noreen & Hunter"

SO there you have it! now RUN,
don't walk !
enter this awesome giveaway!!!
at Life Blessings

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