Sunday, July 15, 2012

what a wonderful day!

Saturday evening..Post?
Norman Rockwell painting..
nope..nor even a sighting of that famous artist!..

just a super great afternoon!
just ask my hubby how to reach me if I am  NOT at home..
he will say..
"one of three places..

either at
King Sooper's..(our Kroger grocery store)

City Floral.. (if the weather is bad,cold, gray..
I go there for medicine for my soul...with Nikon!)

Goodwill..for any, all or no particular reason..

today it was the latter..
where I wandered at will, picking up, looking at, declining..
but strangely plates hopped into my cart..

as did shirts in my hubby's size..
Mens Shirts
a darling pair of shoes which fit me perfectly..

as well as did several other items..
but the highlight of the afternoon..
was meeting two new friends..
Jan the mom, and  Sarah,the daughter..

in our conversation, we discovered we are neighbors...
well sort of..

with a major 4 lane artery separating our neighborhoods..
at least we are in the same general area, sharing the same zip code.!
No, I did not have Nikon with me in the store..
(I only take pics inside the store when I have permission to do so)
Jan and I share another connection.. the Gulf Coast..

in the same area as my old stomping grounds..
We probably even know some of the same folks when you get to the nitty gritty details.. 

we just didn't get that far..
they were searching for men's long sleeved shirts for a particular project..
and what a wonderful project it is..

I was amazed..never even considered such a clever thought !
I will not divulge any details..

She is a blogger also!
she says she's a novice..

and I say we all started somewhere..
but she will be posting all about this nifty crafty project..soon!!
which I promise  each and everyone of you will Love..
she has only posted a few times..

but her items and tutorials are over the top!

she is such a delight in real life..
I think if we all visit..

leaving words of encouragement..
she will blossom,filling the room to grow..
with even more of her "upcycled" projects..
while growing a garden full of new friends!
I always say a trip to  Goodwill is always GOOD..
But today's trip was just Great!

especially in finding NEW Blogging FRIENDS!


  1. You find the neatest things at Goodwill!!! Imagine finding those shoes with mermaids on them!!! Great post!

  2. Oh my goodness, Loui, this post really touched me! The blessings of finding such wonderful connections, what a small world indeed.
    I will visit your new friend...
    LOVE the mermaid shoes!! :)
    A beautiful day to you,
    Mermaid sparkles and hugs...
    - Irina

  3. Oh cool!! I will definitely pay her a visit....speciall if that t-shirt quilt is an indication of her work!!

    If you hear loud noises in your area on Friday, it will just be me! Stomping thru the Denver airport on a connection to Spokane WA. going up to spend some days with some of my internet buddies who have become very close friends over the past 10 yrs!!! Yep, we travel all across the country to play with each other once or twice a yr. Good Times!!!

  4. oh...........and how's the move going? when will you actually trek across the country with all your worldly possessions in tow???? hmmmmm...wonder what your route will be? and if you'll be coming close by here??

  5. super Funday. really enjoyed. where is your new friend from down here?

  6. Glad you had a good day and found such great things. I don't have a Goodwill here :(

  7. Someday I do hope you will tell your story! :)
    - Irina

  8. Loui,
    Congrats to you!!! You are the WINNER of the NuMe GIVEAWAY over at my blog. Please e-mail me yor full name and address, so I can pass it on.



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