Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday~I've got the Blues..

The Blue Angels that is...
the U.S.Navy's Flight Demonstration Team..
vacations and life events are planned around Blue Angels week in Pensacola,Florida..
Altho weather prevented a high altitude air show by the Blues, 
as well as cancelled civilian participants due to safety factors..this year was no exception..the show did go on!   What a show it was!
traffic was backed up to a standstill through Gulf Breeze..
Boats of all sizes , shapes and power were anchored so closely one could literally step from boat to boat..
and despite drizzles and downpours, 
beach-goers still  were awestruck when the Blues came roaring over the horizon..

performing breathtaking maneuvers in tight formations just mere 36 inches between  wingtips!
from start to finish, viewers were presented a most outstanding air show!
If you've never experienced an air show by the Blues..put yourself  front row center and see for yourself!


(all photos courtesy of Pensacola News Journal Photos)
I grew up with this I know firsthand the thrill of seeing the Blues..just wish everyone else could too!
To learn more about the U.S.Navy's Blue Angels just click and visit their official website..
wishing you sunshine and blue skies, please visit my friend Sally for ..


  1. OMG - is that IMPRESSIVE!! I would love to see that in person. I got goosebumps just looking at your photos. Very cool!

  2. Ah, you captured some LIQUID SUNSHINE from Florida!

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Loui.

  3. Girlfriend, are you in Florida to stay?????? Sorry the high show got cancelled. Would you believe I've never seen one of their shows?


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