Sunday, September 20, 2009

A-Z Monday..P.. for many things:

PLENTY of words...
Blame it all on them!
I was their first child, arriving with no directions, 
or skills for parenting. they just made up the rules as they went along!
always hoping for the best
Precocious and inquisitive was I..
Pretty? nope,A tomboy ..yes!
"Pretty was as pretty did" said Mom.
Many times found me being far from pretty!
A Daddy's girl, his little fishing buddy..
and constant shadow,
He was my hero..
Survival of the other three siblings was through FEAR I bravely tested the waters, pushed the parents to their limits and yes, 
frequently and  sorely tested their patience.
Secretly they admired my antics,and achievements,
but dared not to copy me.
I was one of a kind, unique, marching to my own drum..
But parents do know best..
I think it is an inborn trait..
This flow of knowledge spews forth at the birth of their firstborn..
With that knowledge is the secret of getting revenge..
which emerges with the birth of their first Grandchild!
Whatever my son Keith wanted, he got..from Poppy and Granny..
Their freezer and pantry stayed stocked with all his favorites..
And where he wanted to go, they went,and stayed until He was ready to go..
but their sweetest revenge of all was when Keith would utter these words..
"I don't have to, Poppy said so!
You can't make me, Granny said I didn't have to!
I don't Like you. you are a meanie!.
I love Poppy and Granny  the BEST!
Sadly, my mom passed away when Keith was only  three..
but the two of them had formed a very strong,loving bond.
Keith learned to enjoy and love the secrets of the outdoors,from her.
And from Poppy, he learned trust, honor and  unconditional love..
My parents were married for twenty eight years before her death at age fifty two..He was fifty eight..recently retired,full of hopes and plans for their future.
He picked a site ,shaded by a small oak her final resting place.
His was next to hers ,waiting for him.
When his time comes,he asked, please,follow this as a last request...
He wanted nothing fancy as funeral attire, no suits and ties...
just plain overalls and a new white shirt, freshly starched and ironed..
I asked why?
His answer was simple and full of love as he said.....
"It's been a long time,so I've got to make sure she sees me!
She wouldn't recognize me dressed any other way"
Daddy has been gone from me for sixteen years now...
and not a day goes by that he is not in my thoughts..or actions
Together at last ,they  rest eternally in the shade of the now giant oak tree..
as in life and now in love.

P is also for Precious.. in precious memories of parental guidance.laced with love ..
steering my way to be the very best at whatever I would choose to be!
And preserving their  memory as a legacy for my son....

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  1. Well written, interesting and poignant! After God, family is everything!

  2. Great job Loui. Sorry to hear your parents passed away so young. I agree...without family what would life be about??? We must cherish our families and our memories.

  3. How I loved reading your family story! So many feelings...and you sure do look like your pretty Momma. You are quite a budding writer, Loui, and it will be delightful to read more.

  4. You've just described my childhood in such a way it's uncanny. Such a sweet story about your folks... your words so well chosen, so sweet. Thank you for sharing your precious memories.


  5. Oh ---what a powerful post... I loved it. Made tears come to my eyes. My parents are both gone too now--but my sons remember my mother (Granny Banks). She used to make homemade cookies --and to this day, they talk about her great cookies.

    Glad your son remembers your parents. That is so special. ALL of my grandparents were dead --BEFORE I was born. I missed out, didn't I?


  6. Dear friends..
    thanks for the comments..
    I was feeling sentimental as my Dad's birthday is Wednesday..and of course, was missing him..
    and remembering good times with him and mom..
    hugs to each of you!

  7. I am late getting to your P post but I really enjoyed it. Very touching.


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where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...