Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Friendly Findings on Friday!!

I've visited many blogs trying to reconnect with former blogsters.
Please drop by and visit  each and find a bit inspiration, humor, tears, food for the body and soul  and touches of whimsy..
all are just so friendly and delightful..
.. At My Cottage of Bliss was the most beautiful, charming dining room  makeover..
Shari had everything painted white!! 
Loved it..
the furniturefinds were inexpensively priced, but oh, such elegant pieces..
would look so beautiful in my humble abode..
..Then off to visit Zaroga's Nook
she was busy cleaning and cooking a delicious chicken and rice casserole..for Foodie Friday.
** (help..can't find the connection..would Love sharing my curried chicken salad..served up in whole wheat pita pockets!)
..laughed with Queen Bee Suz down in south Florida and her encounters with reptilian critters..been there..done that!
they'e everywhere!! stop "a moment of silence" with Laura Bray at Katydiddys exchanging sympathies over the loss of her Canon camera..It died..but is being resurrected  via warranty.. Yeah!!
..and finally back to Jen's Unglazed where she announced the winner of Birds and Blooms  giveaway..Dont' forget to join the fun there   on Monday A-Z Monday with the letter P..
Now heading back to see Smiling Sally  for Pink Saturday.. join the fun there by posting pink stuff!
and lastly..back to see my friend Dorothy at Counting my Blessings.. it's nearing lunchtime and she ALWAYs has the most delicious menus!! all served with sweet iced tea!! Yummy!
I have so many faves..want to visit all of you.. unfortunately life calls..and I do have to return to reality..YUK!!!
so look for me here.. there and everywhere!!
Ps.. gotta get my daily  fill of BEACH!.. headed to DJ"s at BarrierIslandGirl..She always serves up the most delicious offerings of my home by way of happenings, the most exquisite photos of sky, water and sugary white sands !! gotta say hi and sprinkle sand in my shoes and wiggle my toes in the sand!! (thanks to DJ, my connection to home is secure..and many heartfelt thanks friend for getting me started and introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging!! !♥♥! )
♥hugs and smiles from Denver!


  1. Hi! I loved your links to other blogs in your post today -- what fun to find new ones! Thanks for visiting -- it looks from your blog like you really miss Florida. I'm a coastal girl, too -- only northern coast! But I lived for 3 years in Pittsburgh --nice city, but WAY too far away from salt water!

    Best ... Cass
    PS Cute cats!

  2. Cass.. I love your big old rambling house..
    what fun I could have in it..providing it overlooked the water.. yes.. I do miss my home in Florida.. but the old saying "Home is where the heart is" is true..and my heart happens to be here with my stuff for the next couple of years.. then..back to sugary white sands where I can bury my toes..and emerald/turquoise soothing the songs they sing..
    Please stop by I will at "That old House" is feline friendly?
    ♥ hugs..and purrs..

  3. Hi Loui in Denver, Many of your favorite blogs (listed above) are my fav's also.... It appears that we enjoy the same people!!!!! Glad you came to see me today.. Please come back. I am going to check out more of your blog too. Seems as if your Fall colors are showing up nicely in your area. Ours are just getting started.


  4. Hi Loui,
    Interesting post today!! I like the fall collage, too. I'm excited that Fall is almost here. Your blog is coming along nicely!

  5. sure did enjoy reading your synopsis of other folks' blogs...that was interesting to me, a person who is not into blogging.

    also like your new format and blog better than the first one.

    good job!!!!


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