Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pink Saturday

Not really being a Pink person..
meaning am not fond of the color.
I can think of a few things I do like..
Pink Flamingos..
Funny birds..
great contortionists..
knotty knees..
but such beautiful colors....

Pink Dogwoods..
so delicate..
blossoms on gnarly trees. 

And this pretty pink

Delicate, dancing Fuschia..
Looking like a fairy ballerina.
so girly..
so frilly..
and Pink!

Bleeding hearts..
like pink pearls..

delicate, frothy

Of course..
Cinderella's Castle..
glowing with pink lights..

Well... maybe I do like pink after all?
Now stroll over to  Beverly's  to see other Pink delights! 


  1. Good Morning, Loui!! Happy Saturday to you!
    These are really pretty pink photos! Hope you are well and happy and have a great weekend. Mine will be busy...It is our turn to serve coffee and cookies between Sunday school and morning worship, Jeep will teach our class, even though he should stay off that leg, and they want me to make more pictures for the new web site. Hope we can squeeze all that into Sunday morning!

  2. G'morning to you Dy..
    you'll do beautifully!
    looking forward to seeing your photos!
    have a beautiful weekend..

  3. I love all the pink today...especially those pink flamingos!!
    Did you stop your other blog? Is this replacing it???
    Mountain Mermaid? TOO DARN CUTE!!!!!

  4. Hi Loui, your pink pictures are just full of life!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!!

    Barb :-)

  5. Hi Loui! Since I'm a "pink person" thru-n-thru, I love anything pink! Thank you so much for linking to me in the previous post and signing up to "follow." I'm so humbled and appreciative. I "follow" through my blogroll so I have added you and will be stopping back by as often as I can.

    Next time you visit me, you'll have to share what part of FL you are from and how you ended up so far from home.

    I love your cute blog name too! It's very fitting. :)

  6. I am really not much of a pink person myself but a touch now and then makes me happy!

    My son and his family live in Denver....beautiful city!


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