Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday..Waterside and without words

Aspen, Colorado..Maroon Bells..
One of the most beautiful and photographed sites in Colorado.
No matter the season, or the reason..the view is spectacular..
To be there and view in person is AWESOME....
It is one of those Kodak moments ..that will take your breath away!
Now please visit Susan, at A Southern Daydreamer  for more Outdoor Wednesday ..
and then cruise on over to Barbara 's Waterside Wednesday  for more beautiful views!


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  2. Beautiful photography...beautiful place! Wish I were there!

  3. Dy and Suz.. come on down..bring socks, boots,coats, sweaters, mittens and hats, and scarves..oh yes, long-johns too..
    it is really chilly here..think 40 will be the high..
    but there will be big smiles ,warm hugs and hot tea or cocoa waiting for your arrival..

  4. Wherever did you find these photos? They are wonderful!
    I have only driven through Aspen and it was May 2001 and still lots of snow about.
    Yikes! But it was so lovely....but where do all the hired help live??
    They sure can't afford to live in Aspen!

  5. Majesty comes in many forms. That one is mighty.


  6. Wow, those shots are breathtaking. Stunning. Spectacular. Do you get my drift? :-) IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I've only flown over your part of the country; one of these days I need to LAND there!


    You have a beautiful blog, I'm going back now to explore further!


  8. Cass..please do come for a visit..
    spring time here arrives much later than other parts of the states..seems everyone else is fully into summer hotness when our tulips pop up into spectacular action..the coolness lingers well into June with Lilacs everywhere..
    summers are delightful..everyone seems to be jogging, riding bikes or hiking..just such active folks..but Autumn..may be short lived, but such beautiful golden aspens..and snow..
    but it's the gray days which get me down..I'm a Fla beach girl..i function best with sunshine..even on the coldest days!
    check out my other Denver
    Ive been out here 4 1/2 yrs..and am still "discovering" more and more each day..
    ♥warm hugs and smiles..

  9. Gail,,
    thanks for stopping by ..
    please enjoy the tour.
    then pop over to my other blog Denver for MORE photos..

  10. Beautiful photos. I was wondering where you were...and happened to try and leave you a comment on your other blog and read your comment to find you here. I love Aspen, it is beautiful...

  11. Ooh, really gorgeous! Thanks for joining Waterside Wednesday but I can't get you link to work. When you click it says there's no Mermaid Blog. You may need to update your link for Mr Linky!

  12. Thank you for the beautiful scenery - I can almost smell the fresh air!

  13. Nice to "meet: you Loui! And of course I love the Maroon Bells...gorgeous!

  14. You have picked the right place for beauty at nature's best. This is truly one of the loveliest places I have been to in awhile. Thanks for sharing such great shots.


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