Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday thoughts..

Today, I felt like sharing..
instead of being thrifty!
My cats..
Cat Ballou all fluffy and grey..
with Big green eyes..
Bubba G..a huge orange pumpkin..
withbright gold eyes..
and finally BeBe..a long hair Calico
with soft clear green eyes
all are toss-aways..rescued by me..
with love..
which is returned unconditionally..
well they expect food, fresh water..
a clean poopie-parlor and treats!

PLENTY of treats..
They provide unlimited entertainment...
both day and night.
Mosttimes funny..sometimes NOT..
but they are always a joy!!!

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  1. Hi Lou,

    What a cute collage of your cats! I like Cat Ballou! He looks very wise!

  2. Ballou is about 11 yrs old..and yes ..he is smart..wrapped me right around his heart..
    Bubba is about 18-24 MONTHS..still playful..
    and BeBe, is my baby.. about 5 pounds of silk..
    missing a front fang..maybe 3 yrs old..

  3. Your babies are precious... how could anyone not adore them. Lucky creatures, to have found your loving home.

    Smiles to you, Loui,

  4. Now I just love cats, but big ol' orange ones steal my heart every time!

    About thirty years ago there was a stray that lived in our neighborhood. My daughter was seven at the time and he just fell in love with her. He was very content to sit in the basket of her bike as she rode around, which you know is very unusual for a stray. Needless to say, he became part of our family and settled in easily. Thanks for bringing back his memory today.

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your heartfelt comment. I truly appreciate it!


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