Friday, December 16, 2011


About those Lost Photos..
after trying every technique known to me..

and all those from well-wishing friends and unknowns..

especially after weighing the VALUE of the photos to me..
I bit the bullet and went to a local computer service..
for HELP in possible retrieval/recovery.
the cost in $$..$30.00 per half hour.

As I waited in agony, they finally called..
Sorry, they could not find my missing Photos..
Could I come down and SHOW them exactly what I did?
and Oh Yes, please bring the memory card..
I did all the above..
finally got a techie/geek to come out from behind the scenes..
he did a bunch of stuff..
but talking DOWN to me as if I'm an idiot..
which I assured him in no uncertain terms I was NOT!
still could not find the pics..
nonchalantly in my best Blondeness,

 I said:"I thought you folks were like Techies  at work..
where a particular computer user could be followed.. 
by every site visited..
each particular day..
why are you not doing that in this instance?"
his response.."I have no idea what I'm looking for!!"
absolutely floored me!!
I pointed to the service order and said: 
"You are to be retrieving my lost photos, 
which I downloaded from a memory card..
(imported into Picasa program) on a specific date! 
Seems like to me that should be an easy task ..
as I only downloaded one huge batch of photos..
on that particular date in time!"
To which..he immediately typed a bunch of codes..
and up popped files..
date and time stamped!
which when opened:
were my missing PHOTOS!!!!
I have no idea the sequence he used to open up the files..
and he would not tell me slowly what he did..
(this could be from the service program which their company uses)..
I just don't know..
but this I do KNOW..
I will NOT download/import any future photos into the laptop!
I WILL carry an abundant supply of memory cards from now on..
I will NOT deal with Best Buy Geek Squad or Dell Service ever again..
final cost?  $60.00..
for my sanity: Priceless!!
Bottom line..when in doubt about any problem..
weigh your options..
consult with the experts..
and PRAY both for those solvers of the problem..
as well as for the problem to be solved..
then give a prayer of thanks..
this is the season of miracles!!
and NOW ..
Back to your regularly scheduled Friday ___________!!!!


  1. I'm so glad your pictures were found but the price was steep. We have The Geek Squad here and they are terrific, they come to your home. When they start getting technical, I tune them out...that's their job! :-) Sounds like you gave them a good piece of your mind though!


  2. Well thank goodness they found them at least. I'm not a fan of the Geek Squad either after having several service problems with them as well.

    Anyway, try taking some shots of nothing of importance and try loading them onto the laptop and see what happens. At least you can test it with photos that mean nothing.

    After that, I'd suggest loading your good photos onto another device first so you know you have them and then you can always try loading them on the laptop as well.

    Also, does your laptop photo program automatically delete the photos from your card once you download them? I'd disable that option. Mine used to do that and I lost all my photos once just like you did. Once I disabled that option I've never had that problem again.

  3. So glad you got them back ...losing photos is just the worst thing.

  4. So glad you found your pics! What you can do in the future is put them on an external hard drive. Everything at your fingertips, and not to be lost inside the computer!

  5. Oh My! sounds to me like YOU should go to work for them...for you were the one to tell him how to retrieve what you lost!!! heh. Do this now....get an external hard drive. They've gotten cheap and you can get them Best Buy, online, anywhere. So easy to use and convenient but most of all....will give you peace of mind. I ALWAYS move pics from my laptop to hard drive immediately after downloading. Not only frees up space on laptop but give you reassurance of having them OFF the computer. If you need names or brands, lemme know. I'm telling you, I went thru a scare like this once and will never go thru it again. I even back up my external hard drive to another one...just in case!


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