Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a Wednesday Celebration

Today, December 7, 
marks a very memorable historical event. 
Seventy years ago the Japanese fighter planes launched an attack on  Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
 At 7:55 on the sunny morning of Sunday, December 7, 1941, 183 Japanese warplanes swooped out of a cloudless sky and demolished the US Pacific fleet docked at Pearl Harbor. It was this single catastrophic event, not the invasion of Poland, the Battle of Britain or the persecution of the Jews, that finally dragged the United States into World War II. 

Moving forward a few years later to December 7, 1949,another war was being waged.
A newcomer  into our home  was being welcomed by our Parents..however, Jim the brother was having none of that. At 18 months old, he was NOT ready to give up his place as baby and favorite in the family..
wash day diane, lou, jim.jpg
(that's me and Jim playing in the washtubs.
Di is in Diapers and Jim is still not wanting her around!)
Her name was Diane.. 
a black eyed beauty who could easily steal your heart..and that she did! 
From the earliest, she and I were allies..
and still are to this day..
It was not until we became adults,equals, that our bond truly connected us..

Our mom passed away  when we both were in our 20's..
It was at that time Di became the  matriarch of our family. While I was busily gallivanting around the world as a Navy wife, it was she who "kept the home fires burning". Home was Di's..
Whenever the opportunity arose , it was to her house I headed. And a reunion was always in the works.. 
She is very strong.. an earth mother..

but tenderly loving all the downtrodden ..
whether two-legged or four-legged . 

She, like our Mom became a Registered Nurse. 

Later ,a Master's Degree in Environmental Management charted her course in another direction, yet still on the same path to saving our world. 

Her professional accomplishments are numerous. 
She is active in her community in so many ways, often from behind the scenes, conquering the lesser wanted of tasks..yet contributing  to the whole, making it complete. 

and at others, being the steadfast leader.
Can you tell I am her biggest supporter and Fan?
At times, we can have some very heated "discussions" regarding our differences of political and/or religious opinions. 
BUT.. the bottom line remains.. 
She is my SISTER, 
not of my choosing , but God given.. 
and he knew just the right one to pick for me!

Today, I celebrate HER special day.. 
with Love, and Joy..
and thanks for being my very bestest  friend..
in the whole wide world..

Outdoors Wednesday
Watery Wednesday
White Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday


  1. Wonderful tribute to your sister! Can't see any of the pictures though.

  2. This is such a beautiful post, Loui! You have a wonderful feel for the right words!


  3. Lovely words, also cannot view but instead of reading btw the lines ... guess i am viewing btw them ;)

  4. Dear friends..
    I have no idea what has happened..
    I can SEE the pics from this end..
    will try to repost when I get back in Later this afternoon..
    My computer has been EXTREMELY cantankerous of late..
    perhaps a replacement will be forthcoming?
    can you believe Hubs asked what is the life expectancy of a computer? Try explaining to a Dr about mother boards, hard drives etc.. I told him they are built for obsolescence!!
    he said.. okay.. just order another one..
    on that positive note, errands are calling my name!!
    will try to fix whatever is the matter.. Later..
    warmest hugs..Loui♥

  5. Your words show the special bond between your sister and you, and how you treasure her.

  6. Happy Birthday to your sister!

  7. Wonderful tribute! Blogger has been a mess for me today!!! Maybe Blogger is the culprit and not your computer!!!

  8. What a lovely tribute to your sister. They truly are something to be treasured. I hope you figure out whats wrong with your pictures. Blogger did something strange with my pictures 2 days ago, but it got straightened out. They are being glitchy.

  9. Sweet! But I can't see the pictures either.


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