Thursday, December 8, 2011

Help again!

This time it involves my vacation photos..
i downloaded a very large number of pics..
from the sandisk memory card into the laptop..
the computer filed the photos into a locked folder..
which I cannot access.. nor open..nor upload nor view/
the computer will also NOT show by date that the pics are there..
but while trying to navigate, I had a message telling my  all the above cannots..
and it deleated everything on my memory card..
can any of you out there assist me in retrieving my photos
would you mind via remote access..?
if you can help please leave me  a message with your e-condtact..
I promise  to acknowledge ASAP!
well asap as i get out of bed in the morning..
sleep well..


  1. Sorry Loui - I wish I could help. Good luck.

  2. That sounds terrible, especially since it erased your card! I have no idea how to help you! Sorry!

  3. Oh, I would be panicking! I'm sorry, but I know nothing. I do hope you're able to find them!


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