Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seasonal Sunday Thoughts

Christmas..Do You Believe?

Christmas is that most magical time of the year..
or it was..
as a child, from the first of December I was antsy with anticipation..
on my best behavior as we counted down the days..
finally putting up the tree..
and in my heart..
above all..
I believed..
in miracles..
I believed  in the beauty of the birth of the Christ child..
believed he was born in a manger on that cold December night..
That his birth was and still is the REASON for the Season..
I loved everything about the Season of Christmas..
the sights..the sounds.. the smells..
the giving..
from the heart..
the love for our fellow man,woman and child..
all critters both big and small..
for those  less fortunate..
Somewhere along the way..
the vision of Santa became intertwined in the Christmas vision..
very confusing for a child..
yet I still believed in my Religious views.
as well as  Santa being equated with toys/gifts..
perhaps as  with the Three Wise Men, bearing gifts from afar..
but as I've grown older..
and Commercialization has loomed to the forefront..
I've become more and more frustrated with the "political correctness"..
especially regarding  this particular holiday..
everywhere I look, I see not CHRISTmas..
but HOLIday...which is but a derivative of HOLYday..
all religious icons are banned from public places..
which is supposedly politically correct in separating government and religion?
Was not our great nation founded upon Freedom of religion?
I find the outspoken MINORITY are controlling OUR freedoms..
I believe in seeing Christmas displays, both religious and traditional..
wherever WE THE PEOPLE are..
in private sector homes..
public buildings,government buildings,shopping malls..
schools, churches..
above all..
I believe we are at a turning point in our history as a Nation..
if WE are not restored to the "One Nation Under God" premise as  our founding fathers worked so diligently setting up so long ago,
then I personally foresee this great nation totally collapsing..
into utter Chaos..
which has already started with the economic downturns, the loss of jobs, homes, and retirements..
This next year will be one of the most important and pivotal in our country's election history..
our choice of a leader will determine the status of our nation..
whether Under God..
or falling farther and farther downward..
I pray for you,
as well as myself,
for guidance in making the right choice..
In all of this , I so fervently believe...


  1. So well said and I totally agree with you!!!!!!!

  2. Very nicely said! Merry CHRISTmas to you as well.

  3. So beautiful!

    Late visiting from Blue Monday, come see my Blue when you get a chance. Thank you!


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