Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday..full of WONDER!

Last nite, after an unexpected delightful phone call from a cousin down in middle Florida..
i began searching for requested photos of family members..
In the course of that search, I stumbled upon  quite a few "forgotten" photos..
which led me down memory lane..again..
and again!
Funny how the Holidays seem to trigger our most basic of beloved memories..
those so cherished..
and at times, painful to remember..
yet stored away in the most protected corners of our hearts.. 
last nite  opened my heart..
and the teary floodgates flowed..
for loved ones no longer here on earth in the physical sense.
now..spending eternity in their heavenly home...
i wept for friendships lost..
because of whatever reason..
silly..too lazy to keep up..distance..interests outgrown/changed..
but because i am  a photographer..
and never  EVER toss photos..
my files are bulging at the seams..
and each time as i view them again..
the images spring to life on my screen..
and i remember..
that particular moment frozen in time!
Such is the case with these..
was living/stationed  in Newport Rhode Island  at the time..
his kids were coming up for Christmas..
Up from Brunswick GEORGIA!
Amy wanted to play in SNOW..
Her brother was open to anything outdoors..
As Newport was totally devoid of snow at the time..
we headed up to Brunswick MAINE to visit friends..
they assured us there was PLENTY of snow..

the four hour drive passed quickly..
and we arrived safely to our friends' house..
and settled in..
next morning.. out to the hilly golf course..
to the best sledding hill in the area..
with kids and toboggan sled in tow..
unabashed FUN ensued!!!
laughter..followed by snowball fights..
dares on the toboggan rides..
good clean winter fun!..
and by chance.. we caught the eye of someone with a camera..a local newspaper reporter/photographer who was there...enjoying the colorful scene..of sledding kids!
she came over to ask permission to use photos taken/get names of the kids.. thus learning  of the connection between the two Brunswicks..
we ended up being the lead story and photos in the Lifestyle section!!!
Yep..that's me ..Brunswick, Maine  1986
1986..with Amy, 
then step-daughter up visiting from Brunswick, Georgia

sadly, divorce is not pleasant..
and as is most often the case,
it is the love for and of those extended family members which is lost..
Amy was a case in point..
my heart still remembers the funtimes we shared over the course of my many years with her dad..
as i watched her grow from sensitive youngster, 
treading through treacherous teens into young adult.. 
and lastly ..a Mom..a very loving mom!
I like to think she still carries a bit of me within her memories..
and maybe, just maybe, some of my positive reinforcement stuck with her.. 
Up to my ARSE ..Denver, Colorado 2006

In the present,
my new world includes a very caring and loving hubs, 
his two grown "kids"..three grands..
with a fourth due anytime..
hopefully before year's end..
and three feline furbabies..
Here's hoping for your enjoyment of cherished memories from the past ..
as well as making/creating new ones..
here in the present..
moment by moment..
Kodak or not..
these are the times of our lives!


  1. Thats what I like so much about photographs - they can instantly transport you back into another place and time, and its funny how often I remember something that I would not have remembered if it wasn't for that photo. Photographs are my version of the diary of my life.

  2. I found a stack of wallet-sized school pictures from high school not long ago and had the same experience of wondering where all these people were and what their lives were like 36 years later. Some I've kept in touch with, I've reconnected with some on Facebook but there were so many others. Obviously I am like you and never throw a picture away!

  3. OH, my....when I go through pictures, I do the same thing....memories come and so do the tears/laughter!

    It has to be so hard to lose contact with step children. If something ever happened to Russell, I'm pretty sure they would still consider me least I hope so! But you really never know!

  4. Fabulous shots of cold white fun! I've been digging through past Christmas photos lately, and it's wonderful how many great memories are triggered as we look through the old albums! I guess it was worthwhile take the pictures and setting up the albums... :o)

  5. Love the pics. My OW is up too.

  6. Wow. That's a lot of white. LOL! I can't get over the shot where the snow is up to the knees!

  7. Why is Santa talking on the phone while driving? Someone needs to put a lump of coal in HIS stocking!


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  8. Photos sure do trigger memories long forgotten. I have a tear in my eye, and a frog in my throat feeling your loss of your other family. No matter how long or short it was, you were in their lives for a reason.


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sift sugary white sand between your toes..
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